Hungarian Mushroom-Grower Goes Pink To Fight Cancer

go pink

In the fight against breast cancer, Tesco and Aldi in Hungary have teamed up with leading local mushroom grower Bio-Fungi to raise awareness and funds for the issue. ‘Go Pink!’ is the worldwide slogan of the campaign to fight breast cancer and raise awareness of the importance of prevention and screening tests. This October, during [...]

USA: mushroom sales, volumes up


Sales and volumes of U.S.-grown mushrooms both increased in the 2013-14 season. About 900 million pounds were produced in 2013-14, up 1% from the season before, according to an Aug. 20 report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. The U.S. mushroom crop was valued at $1.12 billion, also up 1% from [...]

Ukrainan situation


Of the more than 2 dozen mushrooms complexes Donetsk and Lugansk regions, the vast majority do not work today in connection with the ATO, reports news agency “Umdis.” In today’s situation disrupted the entire logistics, in terms of both sales mushroom compost and delivery. “Delivery of compost from other regions to date, almost suspended, because [...]

Russia to ban vegetable, fruit imports from Poland – the mushroom not involved

© ITAR-TASS/Alexandra Mudrats

Russia announced a ban on most fruit and vegetable imports from Poland on Wednesday and said it may extend the restrictions to the rest of the European Union, its first apparent retaliation to new Western sanctions imposed over Ukraine a day earlier. The fresh produce items affected by the ban are: – Apples, pears and [...]

Value of Hungarian mushroom production to double by 2020


Laszlo Nagy, leader of the Hungarian Fruit and Vegetable Interprofessional Organisation’s (FruitVeB) branch for mushrooms, said the value of the production could reach HUF 30-40 billion per year, compared to the current HUF 15-20 billion per year. The expert noted that despite the fact that mushrooms are an extremely labour-intensive crop, their waste can be [...]

The canned mushroom cartel busted!


European Union antitrust regulators have fined French frozen and canned vegetable producer Bonduelle and Dutch peer Prochamp a total of 32.2 million euros ($43.78 million) for fixing prices of canned mushrooms. Bonduelle took the biggest hit with a 30.2 million euro penalty while Prochamp’s came to 2 million euros. The two companies admitted wrongdoing in [...]

Presence and future of Ukrainian mushroom industry


Production of mushrooms in Ukraine – a vast industry. Annually about 60,000 tons of mushrooms are produced in Ukraine, its value by the producer’s prices in 2013 was amounted about 1 billion UAH (63 million Euro), and the total turnover of the industry companies is in many times higher than this figure. About 8,000 people [...]

EU subsidies enable Poland to become leader in mushroom exports

lengyel gomba

In 10 years, since their entrance into the EU, Poland has received €40 billion in European farming subsidies. According to a recent study, three quarters of Polish farmers have a positive view towards the Union. Poland is the world’s leading producer of button mushrooms.  In Ozorow, 100 km from Warsaw, on ”Mushroom Paradise” farm, 180 [...]

Anticompetitive practices in canned mushroom market


European consumers may have been paying too much for canned mushrooms, the European Commission said, confirming that it had reasons to suspect producers of colluding over prices. The commission, the European Union‘s executive, “has informed a number of producers of canned mushrooms of its preliminary view that they may have participated in a cartel, in [...]

German mushroom production increases


Demand for German mushrooms remains stable, reports the German website In 2013, Germany harvested a total of 62,000 tonnes of mushrooms. For the year 2014, the Association of German Mushroom Growers (BDC) expects production volumes to increase by approximately 2,000 tonnes. Increased demand levels are expected especially for brown mushrooms. Other varieties, such as [...]

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